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About me

I started FBF Services in 2022 because I wanted to offer my services to smaller organizations and teams that might not need or be able to afford a full-time Chief of Staff, COO, or VP of Operations with my qualifications, but that have problems or growing pains that I can solve for them. I love a challenge, and I always deliver.


Technology exists to empower and uplift people.
Increased productivity should enrich everyone.
Organizational change happens at the individual level.
We can build a more just world starting with the workplace.


Are you a small or young business trying to grow?

I can be your interim VP of Operations, Chief of Staff, COO, etc. while you find the right long-term hire.

  • Toolstack research
  • Tool development or customization
  • Process mapping, optimization, and automation
  • Data gathering, analysis, and reporting (e.g., OKRs, KPIs, CSAT)
  • Documentation and template creation
  • English copy (writing, editing, and proofreading)
  • French-English translation, including patents
  • Interpretation assistance for international meetings
  • Product rollout planning
  • Change management
  • Merchandise creation and distribution
  • Marketing campaign development and evaluation

Boosting skills, confidence, and career growth for individuals.

Let's chat about what we could build together!


“Magali sh*ts value for teams in her sleep.”

Professional picture of Abinet Berhanu

- Abinet Berhanu, former Product at Pipe

“The bottom line is that if I was starting a company right now I'd definitely try and hire Magali.”

Professional picture of Yossi Feinberg

- Yossi Feinberg, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business

“Can we clone her?”

Stanford Alumni logo

- Barbara Stallins, Stanford University’s Alumni Association


A few projects I can discuss:

L'Écheveau Solidaire, 2024

Improved the international sales footprint, wrote English copy, automated workflows and re-organized the Shopify admin for L'Écheveau Solidaire, a small nonprofit selling hand-dyed yarns to raise money for medical research.

French Government's DINUM, 2023

Managed a portfolio of 50+ projects (from scoping to documentation and final reports) to improve the accessibility and design of French public services as part of the DINUM's Brigade d'Intervention Numérique.

Meero, 2022

Developed targeted feedback mechanisms to get better data from Meero's partner photographers, analyzed and reported on feedback data, and tracked KPI changes as Meero launched new initiatives.

Meero, 2021

Analyzed the Meero toolstack to reduce spending year over year by eliminating duplicates, renegotiating contracts, and re-training teams on the remaining tools.

Meero, 2020-2022

Managed a fully remote and then a partially remote team during the COVID-19 pandemic with no drop in key performance figures or productivity.

Meero, 2019-2021

Oversaw training, onboarding, project documentation / handover of Meero's APAC client portfolio to newly-hired teams in Bangalore and Tokyo.

Meero, 2018

Automated and optimized the flow of thousands of client and photographer reminder emails sent every day for Meero's photography on demand business.

Palantir Technologies, 2016-2018

Created a playbook to open expansion offices for Palantir Technologies, opened three expansion offices, and introduced new perks and services to the Paris office.

Stanford, 2014-2016

Project Manager for Stanford+Connects, a multi-year, 16-city roadshow bringing the best of Stanford University directly to alumni all over the world.

Stanford, 2010-2016

Proposed and worked with creative team to design projects and merchandise to capitalize on key student interests, such as the iconic Nerd Nation tee-shirt for the Stanford Alumni Association.

Stanford, 2010-2013

Improved the segmentation model for alumni and analyzed event and email feedback by segment for the Stanford Alumni Association.

Stanford, 2010

Designed a new winery database and managed the Stanford Wine Collection's transition to an online-only sales model.

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Magali is an operations and project management consultant with 14 years' experience.

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