More About Magali

Since graduating from Stanford University in 2010, I've split my career between the San Francisco Bay Area, California and Paris, France. During that time I've held positions in academic, nonprofit, start-up, scale-up and volunteer organizations, including École Polytechnique, Palantir Technologies, and Meero.

I bring 13 years’ experience in program, project, operations, and people management to your organization, and have accumulated a wide array of winning strategies and learnings. I also come with a very strong people-focused management philosophy, which I believe you’ll find is critical to attracting and nurturing talent in any organization in the current economic climate.

When I worked at Stanford University, I was regularly referred to as a “professional get-stuff-donerer,” a title I earned by bringing together large cross-functional teams to deliver alumni-facing projects and products on budget and on time, every time, for six years. Then I worked at Palantir Technologies overseeing the day-to-day operations of 5 satellite offices, and I managed infrastructure projects and developed tools to help employees to thrive in a workplace with colleagues in every timezone imaginable. And at Meero, I built the operational structures and processes that underpinned the delivery of millions of images to clients all over the world, and then spent four years strengthening and refining them as the organization grew.

My favorite kinds of projects are ones where I can really connect with your organization, your team and your mission to help you build something sustainable that improves the working lives of everyone involved, such as automating away frustrating repetitive tasks or switching to a new CRM or record-keeping tool as your business gets ready to grow.

I am also, in no particular order: an avid knitter, a founding member of the women's empowerment network Comète, a certified PMP since 2015, a cat lady, a volunteer with La Ruche/The Human Safety Net and Parrains Par Mille, and an amateur birdwatcher.

And as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am especially passionate about working with small organizations that either started within or serve traditionally overlooked or underserved communities.

What can FBF Services do for my business?

This is a big question, but I can take care of almost anything that's giving you a headache or causing you growing pains. I am the right person when you have to get several things done quickly and efficiently and without too much fuss, and you can simply trust that they will be taken care of and that the work will be strong enough to support your business’s future. And, most importantly, that your team will be better off when the work is done!

Here are a few of the things I can do, to give you an idea:

Our Mission & Values

The core values that drive FBF Services are as follows: